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Thread: How to access LPT ports over a network

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    How to access LPT ports over a network

    [Originally posted by Dave Perry]


    I am using one of the freeware 32 bit dll's available on the net (Win95io.dll.)from to allow writing and reading from LPT and COM ports. This is necessary as this function is not built into Visual Basic unlike other earlier interpreted Basics.

    It works fine on the computer installed but not over my LAN of 3 computers. No matter which computer the compiled app is installed on, the LPT port accessed is always the one on the computer from which you run the program. The syntax as an example is "vbOut &H378 + 0, (Values)".

    Question. How in VB6 can you access LPT ports on a network? I have tried setting up ports with a name, but the OS (Win ME) seems to get in the way assuming you want to connect a printer and therefore MUST have a printer driver nominated.

    I have an interface card with relays connected to LPT1 which needs to be accessed from any of the 3 computers.

    Any ideas? Appreciate any help. Tks.

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    Re:How to access LPT ports over a network

    [Originally posted by Andon K.]

    Not sure this is the solution, but you may try WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) objects. Basically, they allow you to administer a remote machine over the network, so there might be a way to control a remote printer port.

    If you don't know how to use WMI objects, search google inder WMI. You will get a lot of garbagge (incredible how many companies and organizations in the world have WMI initials) but also some usable information and examples.

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