i am fairly new to VB and i thought i screwed smthg up; but i had the same
problem. after addind or removing properties/methods or events and recompiling
the control few times, the app, that creates the control, would not detect
ObjectEvent any more.
what i do is: unregister OCX; remove the project, keeping the control source;
create new project and - it works again.

has that something to do with version compatibility? should it be binary?


"Christopher Lutz" <clutz@datavision.com> wrote:
>Has any one ran across the following problem?
>I am in the process of creating an application that dynicamically loads

>user control at run time using the vbControlExtender methodology described
>by Dan Applemnan in the March 1999 issue of VBPJ. The user control in question
>was created in a previous project and has been thoroughly tested.
>The control is loading and display properly, but the vbControlExtender ObjEvent
>event is not firing.
>I included the original user control project into the project group that
>I am working with, recompiled, and ran with the same results.
>Okay here is the real kicker. I created a new user control project in the
>project group that I working in, copied all of the source code from the

>ocx into the new user control project and recompiled. This time when referencing
>the new control that was created after the main project was started, it

>The code/settings and properties are all identical.
>I am curious as to why this is happening. I am running VS 6.0 with service
>pack 3. I would greatly appreciate any feedback that any one has to offer.
>Thanks in Advance.
>Chris Lutz