I've tried using the VB file copy stmt and function ( actually a number of
textbooks call it a stmt, but it must exist in both forms ).

I can get it to work fine, in both an executable program, and even in an
activeX control, except that in activeX it only works during a test ( start/run
) when in the IDE. However, after compiling the activex control and deploying
to a HTML page ( the one deployment creates for you ) the control displays,
but won't execute the file copy stmt. It reports an error that the (source)
file doesn't exist, which it does. I'm using everything, including the activex
control, support files, html page, and file that is to be copied from the
same hard drive directory, an in my code, my destination file is simply designated
as the file name --- no directory given.

Is the file copy stmt/function allowed to work inside a browser via an activex
control? ... or does the browser at that point only understand URL-type
locations, instead of directory locations? I don't know what I'm missing.
I'm quite a novice at dealing with activex, in general.

Many thanks for any info.