Hello all.
I am looking for a little advice on which way to proceed with an app. This
is a VB abb that must interface seamlessly with a C++ mapping application.
My app must expose seperate forms, but be able to communicate with my application
object. Moreover, we would prefer that the user not be able to tell that
my forms are not native to the C++ app.

The first approach I saw was to expose my forms as ActiveX controls, and
have the client pass my application object references to the controls. This
approach seems to promise seamless integration, but I don't know about performance.
Will my messages between my objects have to be marshalled across threads/processes?
Is there an easier way for my objects to communicate?

The other approach was to compile my app as an ActiveX .exe, and expose my
forms normally. This would solve my communication problems, but now I get
all sorts of z-order problems when the user clicks on a piece of his app
or mine. I can solve these, but it starts to get complicated. Either I
have to subclass my own controls to detect and manage the incoming windows
messages, or I have to pass the C++ app my window handles and he has to do
the management. Either way, it seems like there has to be a better way.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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