Hi all,

I'm trying to parse a xml file containg data like(in a single line):

<Var URL="http://presets6.real.com/sitesmenu/redirect.html?ID=1190&PV=6.0.9&OS=win&PT=free&LP=en"/>

Now the parsing is done and when I try to extract the details I get
an exception.This xml file does not have a DTD file, so when I try to open
the xml file in a browser, it shows me an error at the above line and at
the point -- redirect.html?ID=1190 -- i.e when it encounters the '=' sign.
My guess is, its tryin to read '?ID=' as a special entity and expecting
a semicolon instead of '='. So what can be done, so that it just reads the
data present between the 2 double quotes???

I'm using DOM Parser and xerces-c_1.lib along with VS6.0