How would one code a VB form to be populated from an XML Document? I would
like to load a combobox with selection options and based on the users selection
display the data associated with the selection. This would involve one query
to load the combobox and another query based on the users selection to populate
the form. The returned data would be editable upon clicking a Save button
allow updating the xml document.

This project is envisioned to be a desktop app on a notebook that will connect
through the internet to a SQL Server database and retrieve data as an XML
document and display the information on the notebook via a VB user service.
The Users will be plugging in and getting the data, then taking the notebook
into the field and modifying the data, then plugging in at the end of the
day and sending the modified data to the server.

Does this make sense? Is there a better way? Any ideas in/outside this
box are welcome.

Tks much for you time!