I'm using VB6 and ADO (MDAC2.5) to access SQL server 6.5. On the problem form
I have an ADO data control with a DataGrid bound to it. I have had problems
updating the datagrid but have resolved these with

DataGrid1.DataChanged = True

To keep the datagrid in line with the data control. The problem is when I
delete a row/record from the datagrid - it doesn't write these changes to
the database itself. I tried putting


in the AfterDelete event of the datagrid but this gave the following error

Run-time error '-2147217888 (80040e20)':
Provider called a method from IRowsetNotify in the consumer and the
method has not yet returned.

I checked MSDN and found a reference to the problem:-


I the first two resolutions but they didn't work (I'm downloading the VB
service pack tonight).

I have also installed the latest version of MDAC but this has simply changed
the error message to (same error number):-

Consumer's event handler called a non-reentrant method in the provider.

At this stage I thought it would be better to try to delete the record through
code on the BeforeDelete event of the datagrid and cancel the delete event,
then doing a refresh. But this causes VB to crash.

Has anyone came across the same problem? Has anyone any ideas.

Many thanks