Hi guys!

I am stuck with this problem of entering data into a data grid.

I have a data grid bound to an ADO data control. The data control in in
AddNew mode and the data grid is alo in AddNew mode. In AddNewMode condition
I want to do tha followoing:

Before the user enter data into the first row of the data grind, I want to
populate thre columns with default data from the form and then let the user
enter the rest of the data.

How would I set the values of the columns at run time? The following statement
does not work. It does not display any error message. But the data is not
shown in the row of the grid.

If dgrRules.AddNewMode = dbgAddNewPending then
dgrRules.Columns("CarrierCircuitID").Text = txtCircuitID.Text
end if

Where dgrRules is a DataGrid
txtCircuitID.Text is a text control on the form

Thanks for your help!