"Jorge Diaz" <jldiazap@hotmail.com> wrote:
>Ken, Ive been trying the same just by the same time. I get to show the

>in the combo from another table, using the Button_Clicked event of the Data
>Grid, and then setting the Visible property of a DataCombo to True (the

>is at first set to Visible=False). Then, when the user clicks in the combo,
>I update the Text property of the cells in the grid, and make the combo

>again. Until that, all is perfect. But i have this problem: when i "return"
>to the grid again, and move to another record, I receive a data error message
>"Errors Ocurred" (??). Maybe its my ADO properties, but if u know something
>else, can we share the code? or just let me know, please. Feel free to write
>to my e-mail.
>Thanks and luck!
>"ken how" <phatboy@pilot.infi.net> wrote:
>>I have been trying to incorporate a combo box in a data grid there I found
>>in the property page under layout the option BUTTON that shows the column
>>with a combo box arrow button. I have tried to set a relationship to a

>>that should appear as the combo boxes item but nothing happens when I click
>>Here is what I use:
>>The data grid gets the recordset from an Ado .
>>And connects to a table that will store the users selection.
>>In the design view of the above table the field type is set as combo box
>>with Select statement going to the item table. eg. SELECT [Service Records].[type
>>of service] FROM [Service Records];
>>I can't find any help topics on how to perform this can you help me please.
>>ken how


There is a microsoft article doing a somlar thing.
The reference to search for is q235944.
Hope it helps!