I am trying to update a disconnected recordset back to the database. I am
getting update conflict as some other user has modified the information.
How to override the error and force an update?

I am using three different functions for connection, fetch and update. In
fetch i disconnect the recordset and pass back the recordset object to the
calling module. In the update, i reconnect and do an update batch. My update
code is as follows.

With mRst

Set .ActiveConnection = mConn
'filters all the conflicting records and updates rest

.Filter = adFilterConflictingRecords

'update made by the current user will only succeed if no _
'changes have been made to any fields in that row in the table.

.Properties("Update Criteria").Value = adCriteriaAllCols

'Returns only modified rows to the server.Improve performance _
'when modified remote data is marshaled for updating

.MarshalOptions = adMarshalModifiedOnly
End With
'Set ConflictRst = mRst
Set mRst.ActiveConnection = Nothing

Any suggestons?