I have just started learning about XML, SOAP and web services. I need to send
data from an ASP.NET application to a third party. I am a bit confused by
the amount of information that's available and I would greatly appreciate
it if someone could possibly provide a high level suggestion of how I would
go about implementing this. Based on a user interaction with the asp.net
application/website which we are currently developing, we need to send account
details and payment amounts to a third party which will facilitate the disbursements
ie. I need to be able to 'trigger' the transfer of data from the website
once a user has made a decision to purchase.
Does a SOAP transfer have to reference a remote procedure/method ?
Do I need to create a webservice to do this ? Wouldn't a webservice first
require a request from the third party to initiate a transaction ?
Any suggestions of recommended reading or references welcome.
Please help ?