I have a piece of code that opens approx. 30 text files for input access and
reads in pieces of information. This code is used in two seperate programs.
In the report program, the code executes in less than 4 seconds. In the
edit program, the same code takes approx 45 seconds to execute.

The cause of the slow appears to the ADO. In the report app, I call this
code before making any ADO connections and recordsets. In the edit app,
the code is called after several ADO connections and record sets have been
created. If I call the code before the ADO code, it executes in less than
4 seconds like it does in the report app. Unfortunetly, in the edit app,
it is impossible to always run this code before the ADO code.

I have proved that it is the open for input statement that slows down. Any
ideas/suggestions/comments would be more than welcome.