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Thread: ERROR: '2147221164 (80040154)'

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    Mark Stratman Guest

    ERROR: '2147221164 (80040154)'

    After running a program I created and packaged with VB6 I get the error message
    "ERROR: '2147221164 (80040154)' Class not registered". If fails we opening
    a data connect in a data environment (de.dc.Connect). The program uses ADO
    2.5 SR1 and DAO 3.51, but I suspect the troubles are from AD0 2.5 SR1. DCOM95/98
    was installed, then MDAC_TYP 2.5 SR1 was installed, and then the SETUP program
    was installed. Does anyone know what DLL is not being registered and how
    to fix it??

    Thank You,
    Mark Stratman

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    John Dente Guest

    Re: ERROR: '2147221164 (80040154)'


    The error number you posted appears to refer to either a DDE or OLE problem.

    The wording for the error is as follows.

    The callee (server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared;
    all connections are invalid. The call did not execute.

    Referenced from MSDN article Q186063. This article can be found at

    It is diffricult to be specfic with this error as the only example of it
    is with linking to and Excel spreadsheet.

    John Dente

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