I am facing a problem in working on VB6.... I have to make a general ErrorHandling
DLL which will implement ADO & should tackle all sorts of errors generated
like VB Errors, ADO Errors, ocx related errors, ODBC errors etc... Moreover
the DLL should also be able to react properly with the User defined(raised)
We have catagorized all the errors into :
1. NON-SQLSTATE Errors (errors other than Database realted errors)
2. SQLSTATE Errors (errors of ODBC, OLEDB)
3. USER DEFINED(RAISED)Errors (errors raied by programmer thru Err.Raise()

Now the problem i m facing is how to distinguish between UserdefinedErrors
& SQLState Errors....?
The error-numbers of ODBC related errors comes into the range of user-defined-error's
range(between -2147221504 to -2147155969)

I would be grateful if u please help me out of this problem.Thanks & eagerly
waiting for some life-guard!

Gurpreet Kapoor