I am new to using batch updates, and I don't understand a concept concerning
batch updates. Why can't I use the following concept instead of using batch
updates. For example, I get a record from a middle-tier object (a record
from the Customer table), disconnect the database connection (disconnedted
recordset), and pass the record and primary key to the front-end screen.
When I want to update the particular record, why can't I just pass all the
information from the front-end (all the info from the fields, including the
primary key for that record) to the middle-tier object, re-connect the connection,
and use an SQL statement like the following:

"UPDATE Customers SET fname='" & FirstName & "' etc, etc, etc WHERE Customer
ID=" & CustomerID & ""

The CustomerID is the primary key passed in from the front end. Using this
method to update a record, is there an advantage of using batch updates?
If I did use batch updates, I still have to re-connect to the database every
time I want to update an individual record.