I have developed a program with DAO, but for some reasons in my job, I have
to port it now to ADO, but I have some problems:
An ADO recordset does not have the FindFirst method, so I can't search a
record with more than one key with the Find method(doesn't admit AND's and
OR's) so navigating through a recordset is very painfull. I have a procedure
that delete ranges of records of a table, so I have opted to do it manually
with an ADO command object and a SQL statement, and later refreshing the
data in the DataGrid with the Requery method. But the problem is
that the Requery executed at the final of the deleting process does not refresh
correctly. If I delete records 10 and 11, they remain in the grid, but if
I now delete records, for example 15 and 16, the 10 and 11 records now disapears
from the grid, and so on. I've tried everything, refreshing the Datagrid,
de ADO control, etc., but this behavior occurs allways. Also if I issue the
refresh method manually via a command button, after a deleted range of records
(that still are in the grid!!!) it works, and the grid now shows the correct
Please, somebody tell me how can I refresh the DataGrid in the right way

My english is not so good, but I think you will understand me.