It's me again.
I hope this question does make sense.
I have an Access database with just 1 table. The records entry
are appended to the table in Date order.
If later I want to use ADO to retrieve records.
Let's say I want to retrieve the first 500 lastest entries
from the DB(which I don't know how to do it),

1)does it matter when it comes to speed if the records saved with
Date in ascending or decending or random order?

2)If the records save in Date descending order provide faster records
retrieve, how do I insert records to the first entry of the table?

3)If I open a table using "Select * FROM Table1" in VB and display
them on a grid, is the row order of the records going to be the
same as the order when the table is opened in MS Access?

Thank you Thank you for the helps
Hian Chew