"DPSatHyp" <david_satz@hyperion.com> wrote:
>You can, but I am pretty sure that the Save method fails if the file already
>(today using VB6 SP3/SQL Server 6.5 SP4)
>(Please respond to the newsgroup.)
>Jamie Harsevoort <jharsevoort@coyotecorp.com> wrote in message
>> Does anyone know if it is possible to save a hierarchical ADO recordset

>> an XML file?
>> I opened an ADO 2.1 recordset using the MSDataShape Provider. The

>> is a hierarchy of three select statements.
>> The recordset opens fine, and I can save it to a file using the

>> parameter but when I try using the adPersistXML parameter I get

>error -2147286781
>> "Can't Save".
>> Does anyone know if this is an ADO bug or if I am doing something wrong?
>> Jamie Harsevoort
>> Coyote Software Corporation


Yes, I know for a fact that you can persist ADO Hierarchical recordsets
to XML. The kicker is..... once you save them... you can re-open them BUT
you cannot modify them. At least that was my experience working with ADO