Hey guys i am developing an app for university using java and xml (and opengl
for java). the xml is a time ordered list of events and i am currently using
a sax parser to read sets of 10 of them into an array in java for display
in the UI sequentially. it seemed like sax was the best idea as i always
want to look at the info sequentially. the problem is i may want to jump
to different parts of the document and was wondering what the best way of
doing this might be. when i say jump what i mean is instead of just starting
at the earliest doc and reading 10 events in at a time i want to say start
at time x and for it to begin at the event at time x. i obviously could use
if statements in my sax content handler but i was thinking this is probably
a bad way of doing it, especially if there are loads of events. Thanks very
much for the help guys,sorry if it doesn't make sense!