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Thread: ADO, Lock, SQL Server 7 & Oracle8i

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    Saiful Guest

    ADO, Lock, SQL Server 7 & Oracle8i


    I have a few questions with respect to the subject matters:-

    1) IN SQL Server 7 & Oracle 8i, where is the setting or rather how can I
    configure or set a row level lock, page level lock and table level locking?

    2) In Informix, you can use the begin work and commit work sql statement
    to actually do all your transactions first and once that is accomplished,
    you commit to the transactrion with the commit work sql statement and all
    your update, insertion and deletion would be performed at this statement
    in the database. But in ADO, how can I perform this kind of transaction anologous
    to begin work and commit work?

    3) Is there any SQL Statement that can be applied to lock a row, page and
    table? If there is can anyone show me how?

    If possible, besides replying to the newsgroup, can a copy of the answer
    also be sent to if that is not too much to ask


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    george Guest

    Re: ADO, Lock, SQL Server 7 & Oracle8i

    The Lock Property From Is From InterFace And Not From The RDBMS.
    If You Develop Your Application With Access Or Visual Basic
    Try IsolationLevel On Connection Object.
    In SQL Server Or Oracle There Is Not Setting Which Configure The
    Lock Of Records.

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