We have a VB6 "Administrator" program that currently uses ADO 2.5 to connect
to an Access DB on either the local machine or LAN server to add/edit
various tables and records. In the new version, the DB can be either Access
or SQL Server and can also be on a web server. I'm looking for suggestions
on how to handle the web server part. We frankly don't want to go to
tremendous effort with this release, but would like to see what our options
are. Questions are:

1. Is it possible to use ADO to connect directly to the DB while on the web
server? If so, can we still bind text boxes, etc. to various tables/queries?

2. Does the answer to the above change with SQL Server versus Access

3. If we decide to go with a more "low tech" solution, can anyone recommend
a third-party control or approach for ftping the DB locally, editing it, and
the reuploading?

Thanks very much for any ideas!