The problem I am experiencing is I am using an ADODC in a VB6 app running
on XP. The error I'm experiencing is when I'm trying to build the connection
string for the ADODC it gives me this error "Provider is no longer available.
Ensure that the provider is installed correctly." I have MDAC 2.7 and first
installed the JET 4.0 SP3 (MDAC 2.6 and greater don't come with the JET components)
and that didn't fix the problem so I installed JET 4.0 SP5 and it still didn't
fix the problem. Does Jet components work under XP? Is there a new latest
and greatest way instead of using Jet 4.0 OLE? If it matters the database
I'm using is Access 2000, but I can also use Access 2002 it thats a better