I'm having a problem updating an Access database with my VB6 application.
I get this error message when I try to update the table that does not have
the primary key included in the application:

"Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)': Insufficient key column information
updating or refreshing"

The database has two tables, and the primary key on each is called "RouteNumber".
If I specify to display the value of "RouteNumber" in the appropriate textbox
from the "Carrier" table, then all of the fields from the "Carrier" table
update just fine, but the fields from the "Complaints" table do not, and

I've tried using the RouteNumber for both tables in the application, making
one textbox invisible, but then I get the error message on any textbox I
try to update.

Any ideas on the problem? Thanks for any advice.