Hi -

We've just released a beta version of WMLX 1.0.

WMLX features:

Dynamic WML: WMLX generates WML code dynamically.

Learning WML: Web developers need not rush to learn WML in order to generate
pages for wireless device. Therefore it is a less learning curve.

Object Link &Brokerage: WMLX allows applications to generate links between
WMLX objects. This helps the continuity of developing web pages.

Multiple Language Support: Since WMLX is an ActiveX component, it can be
used by variety of Microsoft languages such as Visual Basic (VB), Visual
C++, Visual J++, Active Server Page (ASP), and Visual Basic Script (VBScript).
In addition, Active Perl can also be used since it supports ActiveX technology.

N-tier Architecture: WMLX supports the use of N-tier architecture where business
logics can be more manageable.

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