Extensibility would like to announce the release of Turbo XML:

Turbo XML is a suite of solutions for the design, implementation, processing,
and management of your XML initiatives. Turbo XMLs suite includes XML Authority,
XML Instance, and XML Console. To learn more or purchase Turbo XML: http://www.extensibility.com/products/turboxml/.

XML Console
XML Console enables the centralized conversion, validation, and documentation
management of XML schemas and instance documents within a workgroup. XML
Console will give users customized configurable capabilities for the organization,
and subsequent processing of XML schema documents. To learn more, download
the trial version, or purchase: http://www.extensibility.com/products/xml_console/.

XML Authority
The premier solution for the development, management and processing of XML
schemas for e-business. Schemas validate electronic commerce transactions
and provide a framework for Web-based application interchange. To learn
more: http://www.extensibility.com/products/xa/.

XML Instance
XML instance is a schema-driven XML business document editor and the ideal
platform for the creation, editing, and management of data-oriented XML documents,
messages, and configuration files. XML business documents can be generated
and edited conforming to DTDs or schemas in major and emerging XML schema
dialects. To learn more: http://www.extensibility.com/products/xml_instance/.