OSTnet.com Is Live

Date: 10/14/2000
Details: OSTnet unveils its new Components Based Technology and offers an
alternative for developers worldwide to capitalize on their talents.

Montreal, Monday October 16, 2000 - OSTnet OpenSource Technologies Inc., a
custom software development company, has today officially launched its
website (www.ostnet.com) and its revolutionary technology, enabling OSTnet
to build commercial applications by utilizing talented programmers
worldwide. OSTnet is innovating the outsourcing of software development and
is one of the only firms in the world to pay programmers for contractual
work done over the web. OSTnet's website was conceived for developers and
harvests new features that are currently unavailable on other sites.

OSTnet has developed a methodology and architecture to maximize Component
Based Development. To support this infrastructure, OSTnet has developed
tools that enable programmers from all over the world to develop
Componentware in a seamless manner. Furthermore, OSTnet's proprietary
middleware allows its software solutions to be cross-platform and ideal for
implementing e-business solutions.

Lior Amar, OSTnet's CTO revealed, "I am proud to say that we are able to
offer clients custom software solutions that are robust, scalable and
cross-platform. Encompassing the latest developments in the software
industry and making extensive use of XML and SOAP, our Component Based
Architecture does not limit the creation of software to a single operating
system such as Windows or Unix."

"This cross-platform functionality also facilitates the development of
business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) applications since
components can be migrated across platforms and communication between
different systems is easily enabled," added Mr. Amar.

OSTnet's Technology is at the forefront of the development industry. "Our
technology and process enable us to combat the current scarcity of
programmers in North America and allow us to tap into markets that would
otherwise be inaccessible. This worldwide pool of qualified programmers
enables us to have access to the finest developers around the world and to
deliver preeminent custom software solutions to our clients," concluded
Moses Bendayan, OSTnet's President.

OSTnet provides robust and scalable software solutions for companies looking
to utilize the Internet to improve communication with customers and
suppliers and increase productivity by automating internal processes. OSTnet
also provides training for software or technology companies looking to
improve their internal development processes. To become an OSTnet qualified
programmer visit our website at www.ostnet.com.

Contact information:


Lior Amar
(514) 278-7678 ext. 224

Investor Relations and Corporate Development

Moses Bendayan
(514) 278-7678 ext. 222