From the press release:

The Twilight Minds Design Group today announced the open source release of
a Java 1.3 package for parsing the new Twilight Minds Markup Language. The
package is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

"XML is very useful," said Reason, a Twilight Minds co-founder, "but also
comparatively slow for simpler parsing operations. TMML is a functional subset
of XML that can be parsed more rapidly with the specialized TwilightMinds.TMML
package. In addition, TMML can easily be used with XML-compatible applications.
In fact, a TMML document itself is a valid XML element."

The TwilightMinds.TMML Java package is a compact and well-documented set
of Java classes that provide the ability to parse and validate TMML documents.
This code is the first in a series of software packages relating to the Dynamic
World project that the Twilight Minds plan for release over the coming months.

TMML specifications and TwilightMinds.TMML package source code, license and
documentation are available for download from the Twilight Minds website:

The Twilight Minds Design Group is an international partnership of talented
programmers, artists, developers and writers who share a common vision for
the future of the computer gaming industry. In addition to the TMML package,
the Twilight Minds releases include the Brainiac Behavior Engine, a flexible
AI toolkit and data manager designed to simulate emotional and physical human
interactions under a wide range of circumstances. Future Twilight Minds releases
will include the secretive Dynamic World software.