I represent Syngress Publishing, an independent publisher of print and
electronic reference materials for information technology professionals
seeking skill enhancement and career advancement.

We are currently working on a book entitled, "XML.NET Developer's Guide"
that will introduce readers to the foundation for the .NET platform. The
book will cover the implementation of the Extensible Markup Language within
Microsoft's .NET framework. Readers will be given a thorough introduction
to .NET and its XML building blocks while acquiring a firm grasp of how
blocks can be used to build any Web site or service so that it will federate
and collaborate seamlessly with others.

We are currently looking for qualified professionals interested in
their expertise to the book. We do not require previous writing experience,
but would like you to be well-versed in all things .NET and XML. If you
are interested or, if you know of other qualified professionals who may be
able to contribute, I would be happy to discuss this in more detail.

Best Regards,
Eric M. Hall
Acquisitions Editor
Syngress Publishing, Inc.