"I downloaded your XML parser component and ran your VB app "performance
test" against a 7 meg, well formed xml file. ...when I checked the box to
use the MSXML parser ... it took 230 seconds,"
...(then he checked the box to run the Chilkat XML parser)
"Did what you said in "performance test", it ran in under a second!"

"[Matt just so you have an idea of what I am trying to do with your parser]

I currently receive(via ftp) several large text files(not xml) everyday,
I parse each file and create over 1100 individual pdfs from each individual
file. Each pdf has a record(once again 1100) in a db which can be queried
(via a web page) which points to all the query result paths, runs through
a loop and merges all 1100(depending on the query) pdfs into one pdf for
viewing/printing etc. Of course I would like to parse the daily files into
individual xml files for querying, hence one xml file(per text file), one
record pointing to it in the db and creating one pdf on the fly from the
queried xml file. The MSXML parser is to slow for this!"

Chilkat XML is a free ActiveX Control (DLL) and can be downloaded at http://www.chilkatsoft.com/ChilkatXML.asp