I found the same problem out during testing and I unchecked msador15.dll
and msado20.tbl and used the reg file Adofre15.reg in C:\Program Files\Common
files/system/ado. My installation ran great and the program worked on a
pc (the program is an ActiveX VB6 - Access 2000 DB - Data link file). I
tested it and was satisfied.

Another programmer named Song found this link at ms:

Later I had to document the program and installed it on another system.
Some of the files were marked as readonly; I fix them, then I got a message
that the system files were out of date and would be updated. It then rebooted.
**********LONG STORY SHORT***************
I came back to a successful installation and my application launched.
It gave me an error "ADO could not find the specified provider". I checked
MS list and found nothing specific enough. My application is not using Jet
3.51 or Jet 4.0 provider as deducted from the reference and component list
and the MDAC 2.0 / 2.1 redistribute can't apply to my package folder.

In conclusion; its too late to care now it going out on beta.

unemployed by Aug 1st.