I'm using ADODC controls with various data-bound controls, some with grids
(Infragistics UltraGrid), some with Text boxes and Combo boxes bound. I
have the ADODC ConnectString and RecordSource properties set statically at
design time to my dev DB (SQL Server 2000) and all is well (the rich dev
environment for the grids is important). At run time, I read some variables
from the registry and set the ConnectString and RecordSource properties programmatically
to hit my production DB. The problem is that the ADODC controls still connect
to the design time database at form load BEFORE I get a change to redirect

I have over 200 data-bound controls connected to over 25 ADODC controls,
so having dual ADODC controls and redirecting all the controls to a second
set before building an EXE destined for production is not feasible. Surely
there's a simple solution that I'm missing! Any assistance would be appreciated;
I've not had much luck so far.