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Thread: Is VB right for me?

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    John Deahl Guest

    Is VB right for me?

    I am an old dos dbase programmer and would like to hear from anyone (via email)
    about switching to VB for a new development program. Like to know about how
    hard its been for you to switch, problems or complaints about VB etc.

    Thanks, look forward to your email


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    Kathleen Dollard-Joeris Guest

    Re: Is VB right for me?


    We like to keep things on line, not via email because that way others can
    also benefit from answers you receive.

    The three big ones that folks seem to migrate to are VB, VFP and Delphi (did
    CA leave anything interesting of Clipper?). If you want to continue to use
    xBase structures, you might want VFP (I know VFP can be used more widely
    than that). Of these VB has the largest community, which is good and bad.

    I came from Clipper to VB and I have enjoyed the switch.

    Regardless of which language you choose, the jump will be huge, unless you
    are already familiar with variations in object model approaches
    (inheritance, the lack of inheritance in current VBs) and Windows
    programming/event driven programming in general. These three are more
    similar to each other, IMO, than to the old DOS xBase and xBase clones.

    Reply in the newsgroup so everyone can benefit

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