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>On 15 Apr 2000 07:40:09 -0700, "andy" <> wrote:
>>I need to search my database by last name and phone and card no. but i

>>figure out how to set up the search code. I think i need to use select

>>pls help if you can

>Yes, you want to use a SELECT statement in SQL. Here's a URL that shows

a tutorial
>on how
>to create a search field in VB for DAO. It's probably a bit more than you

want, but
>think you'd be better off knowing it.
>Basically, you just want to create your database (Access, SQL Server, Oracle,

>reference that database in your VB code, create a user interface (UI) for

your users
>to do
>their work with, and get/receive data from the data as needed.
>It's not trivial stuff, and is pretty involved if you want to do it right.

It's really
>easy to create a VB/database application that can't handle much pressure.
>If you want more data, I got the above link by searching

for "search
>dao and not ado"...
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