In spite of all the hype, WAP will never achieve broad appeal: It's too
hard to use, and there is too little value. Have you ever tried entering a
website using your phone's numeric keypad? It slow, difficult, and
frustrating. So is browsing through the hierarchical set of menus. Once
you finally get to where you want to be, the information is presented in a
tiny screen while your neck hurts from bending down staring at your cell
phone the whole time.

To see the future of wireless devices, look at the Palm VII
(, the VisorPhone (http://www.HandSpring), and the
Compaq iPaq handheld (
The combination of a cell phone and a web-clippings/pocket browser is much
more powerful than anything WAP can provide. Unfortunately, this future is
still at least three years away from reaching broad acceptance.