This should be easy and I have been successful in the past, but time has a
way of erasing things. Using Access 97, NT 4.0 workstation, stand alone
development and final product. Built 3 relational tables and a query that
connects all the data. Built the form on the query using the wizard, choose
for Access to lookup the record in the table/query. The data is in the table.
Shows on the query when run in the datasheet view. Will show on the form
while cycling through the records. When I attempt to pull a record for viewing
or editing using the combo box, will not find the record. Also, on the event
property of After Update, have written the code to find first and then bookmark.
So far, the values in the query display in the combo box, but does not update
the form with the associated record. So, you can see that I have made some
effort to get this to work. Thank you for your help. Appreciate any and
all input.