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Thread: Re: GroupBox frame visibility

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    Karl E. Peterson Guest

    Re: GroupBox frame visibility

    Your best chance to find out might be to ask in a group that actually cares about
    ..NET -- good luck. :-)
    [Microsoft Basic: 1976-2001, RIP]

    "Bruce" <> wrote in message news:3d21eb0a$1@
    > In VB6, the Frame control included a BorderStyle property which, if set to
    > 0 (None), gave you a handy invisible container for a group of controls which
    > could be shown or hidden with a single line of code (e.g., fraMyFrame.Visible
    > = True).
    > In VS.NET, the GroupBox has replaced the Frame control, and it does not include
    > a BorderStyle property.
    > Is there a workaround to achieving this ability in VS.NET?
    > Thanks.
    > Bruce

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    Phil Weber Guest

    Re: GroupBox frame visibility

    Bruce: In the future, please post VB.NET questions to the
    vb.dotnet.technical group. I have moved your message there. Thanks!
    Phil Weber

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