Hi All,
I am stuck on the following and am wondering if it is actually a bug. If
anyone has a suggestion of a better way to go about it, please let me know.

-I have a combo control on a form, I want it to limit the results of a query
when a name is selected on the form, otherwise if the form is left blank,
just display all results.

The criteria I am entering on the query for the field is:
IIf([Forms]![Review_ClientNotes]![Selection1] Is Null,>0,[Forms]![Review_ClientNotes]![Selection1])

What works:
1) The IIF statement performs the logical operation (IE can read the form,
accurately determine null vs non-null and go to the appropriate next step)
2) Selecting a name on the form displays records for that name only.
3) The IIF statement will work if I put a specific Name (links to a number)
in the true segment like so:
IIf([Forms]![Review_ClientNotes]![Selection1] Is Null,3,[Forms]![Review_ClientNotes]![Selection1])
4) REPLACING the whole if statement with a wildcard such as >0, * displays
all records.

What Doesn't:
The IIF statement will NOT work if I put a wildcard in the true segment even
though these same wildcards work without the iif statement.
IIf([Forms]![Review_ClientNotes]![Selection1] Is Null,>0,[Forms]![Review_ClientNotes]![Selection1])

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.