I am working on a project that looks like a calendar for scheduling where
each day is a frame with a nurse's name a time in and time out and other
info on it. The Calendar displays upto 31 days or shifts at a time on the
same form.
Right now the database record has fields for one day/shift of info, but I
need to show 31 different records at once. The data source use on a textbox
will just display 31 views of the same one record. How can I get each one
to refer to a different record. Now I am trying to decide the best way to
do this:
a) Should I make the record in the database have enough fields for a week
of shifts and then have 4-5 recordsets one for each week.
b) Should I make a day control that can show different records and if so
How can I do that.
c) I could make the record have fields for 31 days but that would be like
8x31 fields.
d) Anything anyone else can think of. Or is there a way to have a data source
show a the same field on a different record?