Hi All

I am receiving this error :- ODBC - Connection to "Notification" (DSN Name)
failed! I don't really understand why cause I have registered Notification
(my DSN name for my database) in the ODBC driver. So I shouldn't be getting

Anyway, here is my piece of code and would be very glad if anyone can point
out to me my error.

DBFile = "E:\CurrentProject\BGndNotify\Notifying.mdb"

'Open the database table
Set gdbsNotify = OpenDatabase(DBFile)
Set gdbsNotifyQuery = gdbsNotify.CreateQueryDef("")
With gdbsNotifyQuery
.Connect = "ODBC;DATABASE=Notify;UID=;PWD=;" & _
.SQL = "SELECT * FROM Notify"
Set gdbsNotifyRecord = .OpenRecordset()
End With