Is it possible to delete a record from a .DBF file using ADO?
I am able to connect to the table/db using the code below. But when the
DELETE method executes I am getting an error message stating "Query Based
Delete Failed. The row to delete could not be found"
I know the result set found the entry becuase EOF is false and the recordcount
is 1.Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.Thanks!
objWHSConn.ConnectionString = "DRIVER=Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver (*.dbf);UID=;Deleted
= Yes;Null=Yes;Collate = Machine;BackgroundFetch = Yes;Exclusive = No;SourceType
= DBF;SourceDB=c:\WHS"objWHSConn.Open
objWHSRS.Open "SELECT * FROM WHS WHERE Loan_No ='" & strLoanNumber & "'",
objWHSConn, adOpenStatic, adLockBatchOptimistic
objWHSRS.Filter = "Loan_No ='" & strLoanNumber & "'"objWHSRS.Delete