I'm moving my application (created with VB5) to a second computer which
I have installed VB 6. (As a test to find out what will and won't work)
My first problem is the DBGrid32.ocx. I moved three DBGrid32 files from
my old
system to the newer one and registered it using the Command line entry
"RegSvr32 DBgrid32.ocx" and it acknowledged that it was registered. I
also browsed to find and add it to the component library so that I could
select it on the VB 6 machine but I'm still getting an error as soon as
the form with the dbgrid is suppose to "show". ie. the line "form2.show"

"Line 53: Property OleObjectBlob in DBGrid1 could not be set.
Line 53: Cannot load control DBGrid1; license not found. "

Could some kind person tell me what step I'm forgetting?