I created a little VB front end program to a three column, 11,000+ record
MS Access '97 database (for work) that basically uses an input box to interface
with the user to obtain one search criteria (ID#) & returns the matching
record if found. The program works well, but the problem that I ran into
is that I'm unable to do updates to the database while people in my department
are using the application, I have to wait until everyone's closed out of
the app. Apparently, the program accesses the database in "write" mode as
opposed to "read" mode, even though I don't do any writing to it in my program.
I used a Data Control on my form and defined it through the Visual Data Manager
tool. I found also that if I try to change the MS Access database to "read
only" separately in MS Access, my application won't work....it only works
with the database in "write" mode, if that makes sense. I talked this over
with my PC LAN people, and they told me to write a better application that
"reads" the database when doing queries, but they didn't give me any clues
on how to go about that. So far, I haven't figured out how to do that with
a Data Control in my program. I appreciate any ideas, suggestions anyone
has. The reference book I used when writing this, my first database application
was "Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming" by John Connell.