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Thread: Dead locks

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    archana Guest

    Dead locks

    How to avoid dead locks when calling stored procedures thr' VB6 ?

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    Dennis Guest

    Re: Dead locks

    "archana" <> wrote:
    >How to avoid dead locks when calling stored procedures thr' VB6 ?

    You need to do some reading on deadlocks. VB has no particular role. I expect
    if you have a deadlock, it would occur running the stored proc(s) outside
    of VB. A deadlock occurs when two processes try to use resources locked by
    the other. Neither one can "move". A good remedy for deadlocks is to always
    update tables in the same sequence in all processes.

    A more likely scenario is that you are experiencing a lock. When you do database
    modifications, rows are locked pending the completion of the transaction,
    either commit or rollback. Is your stored proc accessing the same rows more
    than once?


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