I need some help, I am comparing 2 very large databases ranging from 2.6
million entries to 23 million entries. What I have my comparer program do
is it compares the data from the old database to the new database and any
entries that arent found in the new database it reports them to a text file.
My problem is when it finds an entry thats not in the new database the program
"pauses" because its searching till the end of the 2.5 million entries(or
22 million) So when an entry isnt found in the new database I experience
a "pause" of around 5 seconds for the 2.5 million entries and 2 minutes for
the 23 million entries. I use Find Next to search and compare the 2 databases
and when an entry in the old database is found in the new database that entry
is removed from the new database, this keeps my searching speed at a constant
rate. So as more entries are removed the "pause" time shortens because the
number of entries to search for in the new database decrease each time an
entry in the old database is found in the new database. Does anyone have
any suggestions of what I can do to shorten my "pause"? I understand this
may be a little confusing to understand, but any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you!