I need to update a recordset that I retrieve from SQL Server. Right now I'm
using the 'sqlPassThrough' type of recordset, and it's returning a non-updatable
recordset. Does anyone know how to retrieve data from SQL Server, with VB,
and be able to update this data using the EDIT method of the recordset?
For instance, I want to be able to do this:

MySQL = "select mynumber, uniquefield from mytable where mynumber = 20"
Set rs = Nothing
Set rs = dbCashApp.OpenRecordset(MySQL, dbOpenDynaset, dbSQLPassThrough)
rs.Edit 'invalid operation
rs.fields("MyNumber")= 200

I get an invalid operation error when I try to say rs.edit. That's because
the recordset is non-updatable.

I realize that I could just execute an update query--but that will not serve
my purposes for a variety of reasons.

Does anyone know?

As info, 'mytable' does have a unique index.

THANKS for your help!!!