I am trying to search two tables and see if any matches will pop up in their
fields. I have no knowledge of SQL and without it the program takes way too
long to run. Here is the SQL and code that I am trying to use. Any help at
all would be great!

Private Sub cmdSearch1_Click()
Dim SDN As Database
SDN = "C:\WINNT\Profiles\mmodrak\Desktop\OFACProgDB.mdb"
Dim sqlStr As String
Do Until frmMain.datAcct.Recordset.EOF
For i = 2 To 100
sqlStr = "select * from SDN where ListInfo like '*"
sqlStr = sqlStr + accts.Recordset.Fields(i)
sqlStr = sqlStr + " *'"
{I know that right here I need search and see if there are any matches,
if any matches do come up I need to do a print of the two matched fields.}

End Sub