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Thread: Novell User Context

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    Pat Guest

    Novell User Context

    Anyone know how to get the Novell user context ?

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    Patrick Ireland Guest

    Re: Novell User Context


    I had to respond to a Pat. I once did this very thing from a C/C++
    routine using WIN95. I had to link in a Novell supplied DLL. You can
    accomplish the same thing by calling a C/C++ DLL that in turn calls the
    Novell DLL. I would suspect that the Novell DLL is not directly callable
    from VB.NET unless you plan games with the type of calling sequence which
    VB.NET allows. Since I did this about 7 years ago and many clients ago
    I doubt that I can find the code in my 4000 floppies but I'll try. Hope
    this helped.


    "Pat" <> wrote:
    >Anyone know how to get the Novell user context ?

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