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Thread: mysql database

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    mysql database

    [Originally posted by JR LAGO]

    How do I view my mysql database on a flexgrid and datagrid through coding?

    And how do I pass the updated records back to the database ?

    for your information for our front end program we use visual basic 6 and for our back end program we use mysql runnig on a lnux OS.

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    Re:mysql database

    [Originally posted by Andon K.]

    The simplest (and probably the slowest) way is to place an ADO Data Control on the form and link the grid fields to the ADO DC. You will find code examples on the MSDN disks and on this Web site.

    I am just curious, how do you connect to a MySQL database from a VB application? Do you have a custom ADO DB provider, or just use the generic ODBC provider?

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