I have written a program. Now I want to sell my application.
However, I want to be able to limit how many times that program can be
installed through the serial number process.

For Example:

If I sell a five station license, I want my users to be able
to install that program only 5 times. Then the program should
refuse to install even if they attempt to use the same serial number.
Then if they want to install it to more than five stations,
they will have to contact me for an additional serial number,
or get a new copy.

Is it possible to do this in VB? When I compile and make a distributable
copy, I don't see anywhere in the installation program (Package and
Deployment Wizard) that allows a person to assign a Serial number
to their program.

Can someone show me the code to do this, and tell me specifically how to

do it, and where that code goes? Does anyone have any experience in
writing code to protect their program. I haven't seen any discussions
about this on the board. If you know how to do this, or something similar,
please teach me how. Without having to purchase a separate piece of
copy protection software, (which I know nothing about), what is the
most simplest way to copy protect a program during install in vb.

Thanks a bunch