I am a programmer, but until now, not in VBA. I have a Form with a nested
subform (with a nested subform of it's own). I want to update the form to
reflect the proper heiarchy upon change. I am having issues with the update
process. I can't seem to tell the subforms or parent forms to update. I
have not created a module to govern the project and the wizzards are much
too simplistic to help me. I could program it if I just knew how to access
these controls.


Main Form
-Sub Form 1
-Sub Form 2


1. When you need to update an entire form, can you address the form directly
or must you address each and every control. How do you do so?

2. Is it easier to manage subforms from a Module or through events/macros?

3. Where can I find an example of such a project?


The New Guy